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algorithm: friend or foe?

if you are into marketing, or business, or sales, or influence...you no doubt, have heard the term algorithm. what is it exactly? can it actually help you drive - whatever it is you are selling? can it be manipulated?  the truth- i have no idea no idea. but follow along with me in this multipart series. it will no doubt leave me more confused, but here is hoping we learn a thing or two.   part 1 - define algorithm.   algorithm - n. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.  - oxford dictionary the definition itself is ambiguous and the term can be used in science, math,...

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SEO for dummies...(aka - ME!)

when i started my business, there was ( and still is...) so much noise around what you "need" to do..."you need to do this", "your business will fail if you do this"....just opinions upon opinions...upon opinions. it was confusing. I have learned a lot through trial and error, and hours of research.  I can tell you that I know a little about a lot. understanding SEO can be a huge undertaking. here is what i understand.  Search Engine Optimization = SEO = the many ways to make google love and trust your website. the more google loves and trusts your site, the more it will allow your site to appear in searches.  to me, SEO is no quick fix, magic...

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wholesale. wholesale! wholesale?

entering the wholesale industry has been eye-opening to say the least. seems like a simple process (i assure you - it gets tricky). keep reading for some tips and tricks to save you and your customers money! i wish i would have known these before i made a wholesale purchase.  let's start with the how: as a registered business with a wholesale license (in TX i actually just use my sales tax license) i have the authority to buy clothing (and other goods) at a wholesale price, to then turn around a re-sell for my boutique. (@heroineaesthetics if you didn't know- go follow me!) seems like a simple, straight forward process.  until i realized that i was severely naive. moving...

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