algorithm: friend or foe?

if you are into marketing, or business, or sales, or no doubt, have heard the term algorithm. what is it exactly? can it actually help you drive - whatever it is you are selling? can it be manipulated? 

the truth- i have no idea no idea. but follow along with me in this multipart series. it will no doubt leave me more confused, but here is hoping we learn a thing or two.


part 1 - define algorithm.


algorithm - n. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.  - oxford dictionary

the definition itself is ambiguous and the term can be used in science, math, psychology...the list goes on. the recipe for your favorite chocolate chip cookies? an algorithm.  

the algorithm i am talking about however, is the one used in social media applications that determines who gets shown what and how much. what makes one video get shoved to the bottom of the list and what makes one go viral with millions of views? who or what decides the fate of your innocuous post? 

so let's get into it. 57% of the 4.5 billion internet users have and use social media. algorithms validity and determine placement of social media accounts and content. 

so what is the most important thing - or the foundation - to making the algorithm work for you? validity! what makes your content and page more valid? lots! 

-setting up a strong website with lots of credible backlinks and a strong SEO strategy. 

-make sure your content is high quality, relevant and appealing

seems so simple, but to action these 2 things, is like finding the part of the iceberg under the water. theres so much more than meets the eye. oh, and also... it is ever changing. as the world change, people change, they way they use social media changes and the algorithm changes just as fast! so nail it, then reset your lens, and nail it again! 

now that we know what it is...give me about a week or so to figure out how to use it to your advantage.

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