capsule closet--old, new trend?

clothing and i go way back. from wedding gowns to ann taylor to harold powell (remember them?). I have always had a love/hate relationship with clothing. i fall in love with something i see on tv or in a window....i buy it, put it on and hate it.

shopping is tricky. how do these women i see put together looks so effortlessly? how do they build such a fabulous wardrobe? what's worth investing in? i loved helping women and men put together closets! i used to go to schools and do presentations on it: "10 items every closet needs". they loved it. i dressed men in suits, taught them the half windsor, a full windsor and how to rock a half break. helping my clients clean out their closets...focus and edit on items that are foundational, pieces that add value, color, season-less, etc. 

when i made the decision to start heroine aesthetics, it only made sense to start at the foundation. you don't buy granite countertops before you buy the lot. same with clothing and it is where i have started with heroine aesthetics. fast fashion is not only fast in production, but also fast in relevancy. 

the idea of a capsule closet is preparing before you shop. making sure that every article of clothing you buy is purposeful and will integrate and add value to your current wardrobe. you can still have fun with prints, color and trendy pieces, but you need solid foundational pieces to maximize your wardrobe. 

enter heroine aesthetics. stay tunes as we create more content around 

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