SEO for dummies...(aka - ME!)

when i started my business, there was ( and still is...) so much noise around what you "need" to do..."you need to do this", "your business will fail if you do this"....just opinions upon opinions...upon opinions. it was confusing. I have learned a lot through trial and error, and hours of research. 

I can tell you that I know a little about a lot. understanding SEO can be a huge undertaking. here is what i understand. 

Search Engine Optimization = SEO = the many ways to make google love and trust your website. the more google loves and trusts your site, the more it will allow your site to appear in searches. 

to me, SEO is no quick fix, magic formula, but here are a few tips i learned that will get you started, if you have any other tips or suggestions that have helped you, please leave a comment! i'd love to know!


SEO tips-

  • know your client. be specific and define who they are and what they like. 
  • next research how they search. what keywords would they need to search to find you. 
  • how does your page/brand/product answer questions or solve problems? 
  • use all this to create content marketing and align your strategy.
  • know and understand trends related to your page or product. use your marketing strategy to add value.
  • know what your client wants and give it to them.
  • create keyword list and build content around it. 
  • make sure you are on all directories (yp, yelp, facebook, yahoo local, etc)
  • make sure your info is correct and up to date on all websites.
  • optimize your page contents
  • use citations (create and promote)
  • build genuine backlinks
  • collect reviews from customers

what has helped you? any articles, podcasts or books? tell me what you have learned along the way in your journey!

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