what is heroine aesthetics?

what a question. i honestly don't have a straight answer. what started out as this big dream and picture in my head, has changed so much it is nearly unrecognizable. 

 it is nowhere near the dreams i dreamt up last october and that the path the to the big picture is everything but linear. 

right now we are a hybrid business. i have spent 6 months trying to define it or label it, but truth is--it is as ambiguous as i wanted it to be...just in a completely different way.

the end result is my designs, manufactured on us soil and sold around the world. as it stands right now i buy designs that i like wholesale. i have a strict list of criteria that the clothing i buy from. buying from wholesalers can be a dirty business. luckily i have found a few that i love. the offer great materials and have honest business practices. wholesalers are not created equal and i have learned that the hard way.

i also private label merchandise from wholesalers. meaning that i will ask them to make a change to something they currently sell and i will pay them to do so. this is expensive as there is always a minimum quantity to that, and as a small business i don't always need or want to order 500+ units of something. 

lastly i sew. i have a pattern maker that i will send my sketches to and they make my tech pack and patterns so that i can cut and sew. and eventually, manufacture myself.

while all of these things were not in my initial business plan, i still love heroine aesthetics. i love what it is, what it could be and where it is going. 

if you have purchased from me, thank you. you have not only bought merchandise but a you bought a piece of my dream. you are forever a part of heroine aesthetics. you've been there since inception...when it was nothing but full of opportunity...and that is pretty sweet. 

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