wholesale. wholesale! wholesale?

entering the wholesale industry has been eye-opening to say the least. seems like a simple process (i assure you - it gets tricky).

keep reading for some tips and tricks to save you and your customers money! i wish i would have known these before i made a wholesale purchase. 

let's start with the how: as a registered business with a wholesale license (in TX i actually just use my sales tax license) i have the authority to buy clothing (and other goods) at a wholesale price, to then turn around a re-sell for my boutique. (@heroineaesthetics if you didn't know- go follow me!)

seems like a simple, straight forward process. 

until i realized that i was severely naive.

moving on to the problem: i quickly learned (at the injury to my own wallet) that wholesalers will buy from wholesalers and re-sell to businesses as a wholesaler at an elevated price. confusing? yes. 

there are literally thousands of "wholesalers" out there. the key is to find the og merchants and buy straight from them...they do the work; design, manufacturing and selling...vs buying from someone else at a higher cost.

my suggestion to you is always research a merchant before you buy from them. if you are shopping websites like fashiongo or faire, go straight to the merchants website and set up your own wholesale account with them. sometimes you'll find that its cheaper buying straight from them, plus you build a relationship with that vender directly. 

rating and reviews don't mean much. do your research on the company. go to markets and meet them in person. build relationships with them. this is a great way to buy the product you are looking for at the right price for your customers. 

what have you learned if you buy wholesale? leave a comment, i would love to know!

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